Dustin Reed

Owner Agent

EPIC Home Realty

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About Dustin Reed

Dustin R. Reed began his Real Estate career at a young age of 25 in 2005. He began building his business by focusing on relationship building, always making sure his clients interests and needs are first priority. Dustin had a previous background in mortgage origination which gave him a great grasp on the business as a whole. Dustin prides himself on always doing what is right for his clients and always making sure he is in business for the client. His hard work and dedication to the needs of his business and his people have launched him to being in the top 2% of agents in the state for the last several years running. In addition, Dustin started EPIC Home Realty in 2015 after spending more than a decade in the franchise world it seemed time to venture out on his own. EPIC Home Realty Excellence, Professionalism, Integrity & Candor, the principles in life and business Dustin prides himself on. Dustin's process of face to face contact "first meet and greet" where he educates his clients on the current market trends, past market trends, and what to expect when buying or selling a home in todays market helps secure his clients buying and selling ability and draws a clear game plan of his clients needs. This process brings clarity and understanding to his clients for the smoothest transaction as possible.
As the Owner and founder of his own Firm, EPIC Home Realty, Dustin has trained and educated nearly 100 agents in his tenure. His responsibilities of over seeing day to day operation gives him one of the best grasps and knowledge background of the Real Estate Industry. His extensive legal, transaction and business Knowledge of the industry shows through each and every agent he has mentored at EPIC Home Realty. His agents have exceeded his expectations are are currently producing more the two times the national average. His coaching and mentor-ship programs can truly be considered EPIC.